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AIM Dance Force Payment Policies:

Annual ADF Fee: $45 per ADF member is due by September 1st.  Please refer to the AIM Dance Force Handbook for details.

Choreography & Lesson Costs: A flat fee that will be split into four equal payments that are due on the 1st of the month September thru December. 

Competition Entry Fees: Varies by competition and performance type.  Please refer to the AIM Dance Force Handbook for estimated prices and due dates. 

Costume/Merchandise Costs: Varies by number of routines.  Costs will be communicated two weeks before they are due, with an estimated due date of October 15th.  Female dancers will also need to purchase competition jewelry, tights, and a nude leotard for performances.  All team members must also purchase a team uniform.

Please note: Multiple student discount does NOT apply to costs associated with AIM Dance Force.


Application deadline: August 12, 2022

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