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AIM Dance Force

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What is AIM Dance Force?

The AIM Dance Force is a team of dedicated dancers of different ages and experience levels, who love to perform and are looking to be challenged in class, rehearsals, performances and competitions.  The AIM Dance Force helps team members grow in confidence and competence through dance classes, rehearsals, community performances, competitions and more!  Older dancers mentor younger dancers and all members are part of a team of friends where everyone strives to be the best they can be. 

Is AIM Dance Force for a dancer like me?  

There are several options for dancers.  Each team has different requirements for time commitment and training.  We want everyone who wants to perform to have the opportunity to get on a stage and dance!  If you maintain regular class attendance, love to dance, and work hard in your dance classes, AIM Dance Force is for you!  AIM Dance Force is great for young dancers looking to perform more often and further their studies or for those considering studying dance and performing arts in college.


Are there auditions for AIM Dance Force? 

There are not auditions for AIM Dance Force.  However, there is an application that will be considered along with the dancer’s behavior in class in order to determine the dancer’s technique, potential, commitment level, enthusiasm, and attitude.  Team members are placed in numbers based on ability and technique, not just age or class level.  Dancers are placed together in groups/duets/trios that the instructors feel will work the best together in rehearsal and performance.  The goal is to place members in dances that will help build their self-esteem, challenge them and help them grow. 



What will my child and family gain from being a part of

AIM Dance Force? 

Team members will benefit from accelerated training and additional learning opportunities, as well as have additional performing opportunities.  More importantly, dancers and their families will benefit from: gained confidence; increased physical fitness: strength, stamina, flexibility; enhanced ability to work as a group; time management skills, independence and a sense of personal responsibility; sportsmanship; a strong work ethic; a drive for personal excellence; lifelong friendships; becoming a role model; treasured memories and SO MUCH MORE!

How much does it cost to be a part of AIM Dance Force? 

Any kind of intense instruction or team is a larger financial commitment than basic classes.  We aim to offer the most valuable experiences to each dancer in AIM Dance Force.  Being a part of the AIM Dance Force includes additional costs for choreography & lessons, costumes, and competition entry fees.  All team members will compete in a minimum of two out-of-town competitions, so families will need to consider travel expenses (fuel, hotel, etc.) as well.  Additionally, all team members are required to have an ADF uniform, competition jewelry, and Balera tights. 

Details on costs can be found on the Dance Force Costs page.  


Application deadline: August 12, 2022

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